Guided Skiing tour in Swedish Lapland

Ski Tour in Swedish Lapland


Backcountry skiing trip between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk mountain stations is about 100 km long and it is made for backcountry skiers. Route goes in exciting landscapes near by Sarek mountains and ancient forests in the eastern part of North Sweden. On the way we pass by a number of breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery and ski on the snow-covered highlands calmly down to the mountain forests and ice covered lakes. We have the opportunity to take a day tour to the legendary Sarek mountain area.

The day trips on the route are about 20 km in length. The trail is not very difficult. It is easily possible to ski from the start to the finish with a good basic health and fitness condition. Weather conditions can change quickly in mountains from easy to demanding. Equipment list will be sent to all participants before the tour. Each participant have their own lunch package and snack foods and drinks in their backpacks or pulkas. Lunch packages will be delivered before the trip.  Breakfast and dinner is served every day at the accommodation place. 

Swedish Lapland skiing tour is a great way to meet other like-minded people and spend a holiday full of experiences in a beautiful landscape in massive mountain area in Lapland. Take your dog with you to this unforgettable ski tour!


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