Hikes'n Trails / Taigavire Oy is registered in Finland, business id FI30097202. Company arranges randomly outdoor education courses and educational activity tours for adults and children. Company is responsible for organizing the whole course, except flights and customers free time outside the activities. If package tours are paid after the trip, the tour operator may be exempted from the security requirement. Hikes'n Trails is not registered in the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's register of package travel companies and have not lodged a security against advanced payments made by customers. 

1. Book a reservation for a course/tour by filling the in booking form and sending it by post or scan it to Taigavire Oy, Erätie 1, 93280 Syöte, Finland or by email to info(a) After that we will send a note of confirmation and an invoice for office and service fee. After receiving the service fee to our account, company will send you invoice of the course/tour or you can pay it via online shop. 

2. The office and service fee 30€ must be paid in full on the due date, at least 14 days before departure. 

3. If the company has not received the entire sum on the due date it reserves the right to cancel your booking.

4. Cancellations must be done to the following e-mail address: info(a)


The passenger may cancel the tour without special reason as follows:
a) No later than 28 days prior to departure by paying the service fee 30 €.
b) Later than 28 days but no later than 14 days prior to departure by paying the office + service fee 90 €.
c) Later than 14 days but no later than 48 hours prior to departure by paying 50 % of the price of the course/tour.​
d) If the tour is cancelled later than 48 hours prior to departure, Hikes'n Trails has the right to charge the full price of the course/tour.

6. When you sign the booking form you accept the risks and dangers this type of outdoor activity can entail, including postponements, inconvenience, disease, injury and loss of property. You thereby also confirm that you are physically and mentally capable of taking part in the activities that you have chosen.

7. The company cannot be held responsible for misplaced, lost or damaged luggage. All luggage and cargo including that which is transported by vehicles, persons or animals employed by the company is the responsibility of the participant for the duration of the course.

8. All bookings must be done through Hikes´n Trails / Taigavire Oy who is identified as the company in this text. 

9. The company will do everything in its power to sure that the published program is realised. However, given the nature of this kind of course/tour activity a certain degree of risk is inherent on account of possible changes due to weather, subcontractors or communications. The company does not accept liability for any extra costs or other consequences that entail from such alterations of the program. 

10.The company or its employees reserve the right alter to prior travel descriptions, destinations or activities if they think that the realisation of the published program will entail unacceptable risks. It is essential that a passenger is covered by adequate travel insurance 

11. If a participant leaves the course/tour during an ongoing activity he or she is not entitled to compensation without prior agreement with Hikes´n Trails. 

12. The instructors and the size of the group can be subject to change. In such circumstances the company will notify the customer. 

13. The company reserves the right to cancel courses/tour if an insufficient number of participants sign up and the expedition is rendered financially unsound. The minimum number of participants is mentioned on our home page. 

14. Participants are entitled to full compensation of any paid sum if the company cancels the course/tour.

15. The company or any of its employees cannot be responsible for disease, injury or death during activities arranged by the company.

16. Reservation fee: After receiving the booking a deposit of 30 € per person will be charged as the office costs. The reservation fee must be paid within 7 days to confirm the booking. The payment is possible to make through a bank transfer to our account. 

Total payment: The full price can be paid before or during the course/tour by online shop or immediately after entering to the accommodation or starting point with Visa or MasterCard or cash. Note! Full price could be paid also with a bank transfer according to the invoice after accommodation when arriving to the starting point. Please take your bank codes with you if you prefer paying by bank transfer.


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