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Hikes'n Trails have been serving delicious food experiences for explorers and adventurers since 2004. Making food is our passion and profession. We have arranged food services in extraordinary landscapes for small groups and catering in big events. Our principles in food services are supporting local food providers when it is possible and provide good tasting, versatile, healthy and nutritionally rich food for all the guests! For making food we use often multi-fuel stoves, good quality Finnish kettles and pots and durable cutlery, not disposable tableware. When it is possible, specially in Finland and Sweden, we use open fire and make food on flames. Serving food under the bright sky and Northern Lights makes your guests to remember your entertaining event forever! Outdoor Adventure tastes also like a Culinary Adventure in our services!

We have been with different kind of groups making and serving food in many parts of the world. Many adventure providers have noticed that good food makes your group happier. Happy guests brings good feedback to your company and gives you time to concentrate in your specials!


Hire an Expedition Chef for your group to take care of your group and helping to make your guests dreams come true. Feel free to contact us by contact form. 

Facts of hiring an expedition Chef: 



  • Service available: Around a year


  • Price based on time: 400€ + vat. 24% / day. (Includes approximately 8 hours work / day)

  • Price includes: Organizing and operating the food services during the expeditions and different kinds of outdoor adventures, holidays and events. Equipment for cooking, fuel for stoves.  


  • By additional cost: Raw materials of cooking food, special diet food. 

  • Price based on the amount of meals, (examples below): 75€ + vat. 24% / person / day when 2 - 6 persons, 69€ + vat 24% / person / day, when 7 - 14 participants. Over 14 persons price by contract. Minimum billing 500€ + vat. 24% in any occasion. 

  1. Breakfast: Porridge, bread, butter, cheese, salami, ham, coffee, tea, milk, cereals, jam, cucumber/tomato slices, berries/fruits, water and juice/squash. 

  2. Lunch: Sandwiches made from the breakfast table, bags for packing, soup, tea and coffee, chocolate bar or bisquit.

  3. Dinner: Meat, fish or vegetable main course, rice, pasta or potatoes, salad or vegetables, non-alcoholic beverages, dessert. 


information and booking: info@hikesntrails.com, phone: +358405535469 or contacts - page. 





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