Midnight Sun Kayaking in Lapland

Facts of the trip


The lake is a quite challenging for kayaking because of rapidly changing circumstances. Arctic Ocean is near so the weather can change from the warm sunshine to freezing storm in a half an hour. Fortunately kayakers are protected by more than 3000 islands so there is always some shelter for the storm.

You may see wild animals on the shores of these wilderness lakes. You can also feel the cleanest air in the world and enjoy the magical Midnight Sun. Kayaking on the rugged and beautiful lakes is an unique experience if you like kayaking in extraordinary and special conditions!


  • Price: 1890 € when 6-10 persons in group, 1790 € 11-16 persons, 1750 € 17-20 persons

  • Location: Inari, Finland

  • Date: 6.- 12.7.2020. Another dates for groups of  persons with request. The tour is done on the basis of pre-booking.

  • Accommodation: In double hotel rooms. Supplement for single room 230€ / week. First 2 nights in Wilderness Hotel Nellim, 3rd and 4th night in Wilderness Hotel Nangu in Veskoniemi, 5th and 6th night in Tradition Hotel Kultahovi in Inari Village.

  • Duration of the tour: 7 days, 6 nights. Approximately 6 – 8 hours activities/day, except arrival and departure days.

  • Number of participants: Min 2, max. 12 people.

  • Level: Intermediate. Participants are required to have a basic fitness level and previous kayaking experience. Participants should be able to paddle in moderate waves with a sea kayak minimum 25 km/day. Swimming skills are obligatory.

  • Meals: Full board. Breakfast, picnic lunch with sandwiches and dinner will be served every active day. Dinner at arrival day and breakfast at departure day. Snacks does not include in the price.

  • The price includes: Guidance, accommodation in double room, transport from the Ivalo Airport to starting point in Nellim and back to airport and transport between every hotel, above-mentioned meals during the holiday, luggage transportation by car between accommodations, tickets to Siida – Sámi Museum and Nature center, sauna and shower every evening.

  • The price does not include flights and insurance.

  • Insurance: The participants are responsible for their own sufficiently comprehensive insurance for water activities in arctic conditions.

  • Equipment: Participants have their own clothing for outdoor activities according to the weather. We rent and sell also paddling clothing if needed. Please ask the whole list of clothing and equipment for the tour.

  • By an additional cost: Paddling garments for rent. Paddling suits, underwear, neoprene boots, gloves etc. package for 95€ / week.

  • Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish 

  • Contacts, further instructions: info@hikesntrails.com, +358 40 553 5469

  • We reserve all the rights to change the order of the activities or the content of the program if necessary due to the weather or other conditions.




1st day, arrival


Meeting your guide in Ivalo Airport. We pick you up from the Ivalo airport and take you to Nellim, which is located 9 km's from the Russian border. Approximately 1 hour drive to Nellim. A short visit to the supermarket for shopping snacks and drinks. Nellim is said to be a Village of three cultures. In the village lives Kolttasámish- Inarisámish- and Finnish people. In Nellim harbor we check out the equipment, share the maps and go through the plans, risks and safety instructions. After the accommodation in new nice rooms there is a possibility to have a few kilometres hike to the Pyhävaara-fell in the backside of our Hotel. View to Lake Inari from the top of the fell. Dinner, possibility to experience sauna, accommodation in double rooms.

2nd day: Nellim – Speinniemi – Lusmasaari – Oravasalmi - Nellim

After breakfast we will start our kayaking trip from Nellim harbor, explore the Lake Inari´s archipelago and visit some beautiful beaches and few nice islands. Lunch is served on the Speiniemi Lapland tipii, kota on the island shore. After the day trip we´ll come safely back to the Nellim Wilderness Hotel, heat up the sauna and enjoy the beautiful views of Lapland. Dinner in restaurant. Sauna and accommodation. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, kayaking appr. 16km / 5 hours)

3rd day: Wilderness Hotel Nangu – Korkia-Maura – Rauhastonsaaret – Pitsiniemi - Nangu

In the morning after the breakfast we will drive approx. 50 minutes to our next Hotel, to Wilderness Hotel Nangu in Veskoniemi area. New log hotel invites us with extraordinary wooden athmosphere. Huge grey logs, beautiful scenery to near fells and forest surroundings makes this place incredibly unique.

Kayaking continues after accommodation and snack in restaurant. Route goes to Korkia-Maura island where we visit the famous ice cave. This ice never melts. Lunch at the island. Kayaking back to hotel, hot sauna on the beach for relaxing the muscles, swimming in the lake and delicious dinner at the cozy restaurant. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, kayaking appr. 16km / 5 hours)

4th day: Hotel Nangu – Jaarasaaret – Hämähäkkiniemi - Island Ukko – Koskivuono – Joensuunkenttäsaari – Juurakkovuopaja lintutorni - Nangu

Fourth day starts with nice breakfast and heading back to the Lake Inari. We get our kayaks back to water and continue the tour for great islands. One of the Inari's Ukko islands waits us with stunning rock face. Bird observing tower near the swamp area near the Ivalo River delta is very interesting place and gives us the shelter to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. Way back to Hotel Nangu takes us between the small islands and bigger Lake stretces. Nangufjord is one of the biggest fjords in Lake Inari. Our paddling route goes partly through the fjord and behind the islands in very exotic Lapland landscapes. After few hours paddling we come back to Hotel. Sauna, dinner and nice dinner before good night sleep in nice and tidy rooms. (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner, appr. 22km paddling / 7 hours)

5th day: Nangu – Lake Ukko - Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

After nice night in Hotel Nangu we lift our kayaks to the trailer and drive approximately 30 minutes to Lake Ukko. This Lake and its extraordinary rocky beaches and islands is open, wide and windy but worth of experience the good day on the water. We head up to northern part of the lake where the massive stony islands welcomes us and takes us to its shelters to enjoy the magical Lapland environment. A quick sight to Inari Lake from the narrow natural channel and kayaking back to the car and trailer. After 30 minutes drive we arrive to Traditional Hotel Kultahovi where you can feel the atmosphere of wild nature, historical Lapland and spirit of fishermen, old gold miners and lumberjacks. Hot sauna is available in the evening. Delicious dinner at the restaurant and accommodation in double rooms. (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner, appr. 18 km paddling / 6 hours)


6th day: Tradition Hotel Kultahovi – Siida Sámi museum

We start the day with breakfast at the restaurant in Inari. Today we will enjoy the optional short paddling experience near the Inari Village in the morning – or longer sleep and rest, as you wish. Before the lunch we visit Sámi Museum and Nature Center Siida. From Siida you can find the local natural knowledge and feel the connection between nature and culture. Lunch in Siida from the buffet. After this cultural highlight it is time to take a nice hiking trip by the Juutua river to the forest and get ready for the most incredible local Lapland celebration dinner at the traditional restaurant in our Hotel Kultahovi. Delicious three meals menu is made for us and served with the suitable beverages. As the crown of our great adventure in Lapland we will raise the glass of sparkling wine on the shore of the Lake Inari under the midnight sun. Sauna available. Accommodation in double rooms. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 5km paddling and 6 km hiking / 7 hours).

7th day:

Last day starts with tasty breakfast and continues with approximately 50 minutes transport to Ivalo airport.





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