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Sustainable way to travel to Syöte

Our Base Camp is in Syöte Nature Center. All of our activities starts from Syöte Nature Center. 

Address: Erätie 1, 93280 Pudasjärvi.


VR - to Oulu and Syöte by railway


Rail is the most ecofriendly form of transport. VR Group is continuously developing its environmental activities.In December 2007 VR published 12 environmental promises, which it intends to fulfil by 2012. So far the Group has switched to green electricity and halved the carbon dioxide emissions from its rail services. VR has also given high priority to reducing energy consumption and improving the tidiness of trains and railway stations. Read more about responsible travelling by train from here.


It is easy to travel by train from Helsinki to Oulu from where you can continue to Syöte with a bus. We can also pick you up with an eco-friendly car from Pudasjärvi bus station. Here you can find the Finnish Railway timetable. Check out cheap offers here.






















Matkahuolto - to Syöte by bus


Established on 28 January 1933, Oy Matkahuolto Ab is a private service and marketing company specialising in bus and coach services. Its core business consists of Travel and Parcel Services. Additionally, the company is engaged in cafeteria and kiosk operations. Owned by private Finnish bus operators, the company employs some 700 people. 


Matkahuolto pursues a responsible environmental policy aiming at minimum impact on the environment in all its activities. Aside from passengers, the buses carry parcels for companies and private individuals, offering major efficiency benefits in terms of the protection of the environment and climate.


Matkahuolto promotes public transport and develops and provides travel-related products and services. One of its main areas of expertise is to develop the nationwide ticketing, information and fare collection systems. In these efforts, Matkahuolto is a pioneering company even by international standards. The timetable service available on the Internet and by phone contains the timetables of all buses operating in Finland, providing information about 40,000 departures and 20,000 bus stops throughout the country.


If you want to travel straight from Helsinki via Oulu to Pudasjärvi you may be interested to choose a bus. From here you can find a timetable of Matkahuolto. 



Oulu and Kuusamo airports


Our local airport is Oulu. Airport is located about 1,5 hours minutes from Syöte. Oulu airport is the second busiest airport in Finland, right after Helsinki-Vantaa. Flight connections from Oulu to big European cities and other continents are very good. 


Connection between Helsinki Vantaa and Kuusamo works also very well. 

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