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Midnight Sun kayaking tour in Lapland

Finnish Lapland, a unique nature surrounds us on the midnight sun canoeing trip on Lake Inari. Lake Inari is the world's second largest lake above the Arctic Circle. The lake is a quite challenging kayaking lake because of rapidly changing circumstances. Because the Arctic Ocean is so near the weather can change from sunny to freezing storm in half an hour. Fortunately kayakers on the lake are protected by more than 3000 islands. During this cool adventure you can enjoy bright nights under a midnight sun, absolute quietness and peace at the arctic wilderness lake.

Our accommodation is arranged in traditional Lappish huts and wilderness hotels where is hot sauna waiting for us every evening! We´ll enjoy mostly local food, caught from the lake and surroundings. We´ll fix the fishing equipment and you can fish from the kayak if you want.

You may see wolverines, bears, eagles and other wild animals running on the shore of this Western Europe's greatest wilderness lake. Canoeing on the rugged and beautiful lake is a unique experience that has to be done if you like kayaking in extraordinary arctic conditions. Learn more about Aanaarjävri (Lake Inari in Inari Sámi-language) 


Facts of the trip​


  • Price: 1260 €

  • Location: Lake Inari, Lapland, Finland

  • Date: 15.-21.6.2014.

  • Duration of the tour: 7 days, 5 days kayaking.

  • Number of participants: Min 5, max 12 people.

  • Level: Intermediate. Participants are required to have a good basic fitness. Previous kayaking experience is required. Daily tours can be max. approximately 35 km.

  • Accommodation: First 3 nights in wilderness cottage in Piihasfjord, 4., 5. night in Lapinleuku Hotel at Veskoniemi. 6. night and in Köysivaara by the River Ivalo

  • Meals: Full board. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. Snacks are not included in the price.

  • The price includes: Guidance, transport from the Ivalo Airport to starting point at Nellim and back, accommodation, as well as the above-mentioned meals during the trek, luggage transportation by boat between accommodations, sauna every evening. 

  • Equipment included in the price: kayak/twin kayak, paddle, spray shirt, sleeping bag, dry bags, fishing equipment and permit.

  • The price does not include: Insurance, flights

  • Insurance: The participants are responsible for their own travel insurance which is suitable for kayaking in arctic conditions.

  • Participants have their own dry suits, woolen underwear, T - shirts etc. according to the weather. We sell also high quality clothing if needed. Please ask the whole list of equipment for the tour!

  • By an additional cost: Paddling garments (dry suits, underwear, booties, gloves etc.)

  • Languages: finnish, english, swedish

  • Contacts, whole timetable and daily program: info.hikesntrails(at)gmail.com

We reserve all the rights to change the order of the activities or the content of the program if necessary due to the weather or other conditions!


Day 1: Nellim – Paksuniemi – Tiaisniemen saaret – Tervasaarensalmi - Tiainen​


We pick you up from the Ivalo airport or village center in the morning and take you to Nellim, which is located 9 km from the Russian border. Nellim is said to be a Village of three cultures. In the village lives Kolttasámish- Inarisámish- and Finnish people. In Nellim harbor we check out the equipment, share the maps and go through the plans, risks and safety instructions. We start the trip by kayaking from Paksuniemi to Tiaisniemi from where we continue to our three days base camp Tiainen. After accommodation to old wooden house we start to warm up the sauna and have a nice meal. Before the sauna it´s possible to have a little hike to the fell in the back of our cottage (dinner, appr. 15km / 4 hours.


Day 2: Tiainen - Pajulahti - Kuortessaari - Onnela - Haapavuopajansaari - Lahdenpeska - Rautalaassat - Äinäläsaari - Tuomassaari - Tiainen


After breakfast we will continue our kayaking trip from Tiainen and explore the Lake Inari´s archipelago and visit some beautiful places like Onnela and few other nice islands. Lunch is served on the shore. After the day trip we´ll come safely back to the base camp, heat up the sauna and enjoy the beautiful views from our cabin beach. Dinner at Tiainen.  (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 23km / 6 hours)


Day 3: Tervasaarensalmi – Arttasaaret – Taljankadottamansaari – Muurahaissaari – Puuniemensaaret – Kovasalmi – Martinsaari – Pikku Kovasaari – Puuniemensaaret – Pääsaari - Tiainen


In the morning we will continue from Tiainen round the Tervasaari. If the weather is good we´ll paddle to Kovasalmi which is the beautiful strait to Kovasaari and Pikku Kovasaari. Lunch break at the island and back to Tiainen. Hot sauna on the beach, swimming in the lake and good meal at the cottage. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 32km / 8 hours)

Day 4: Tiainen – Sarmilompola 25km by car – Einari – Luolaniemi – Nanguniemi - Veskoniemi


Fourth day starts after nice breakfast and packing up the kayaks to trailer. We head by a car to Sarmilompola, where we get our kayaks back to water. We´ll get a little five kilometers river kayaking in beautiful views through Sarmilompola to Pikkulompola and to Einari where we continue paddling in Lake Inari. Nangufjord is one of the biggest fjords in Lake Inari. Our paddling route goes partly through the fjord and behind the islands in very exotic Lapland landscapes. After few hours paddling we`ll have lunch at sheltered island. Clean sheets in Lapinleuku Wilderness hotel and dinner at Veskoniemi waits us after hot sauna. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 29km paddling / 8 hours)


Day 5: Veskoniemi – Lammaskotasaari – Korkia Maura – Ollespiessansalmi – Istumasaari - Veskoniemi


Next day we will enjoy the unique paddling experiences in the most beautiful sceneries in Lake Inari exploring the islands, visiting the ice cave where the ice never melts, having lunch in natural harbor and resting a while by the camp fire. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 25km paddling / 7 hours)


Day 6: River Ivalo, Kiilopää


After nice two nights in Hotel Lapinleuku we lift our kayaks to the trailer and drive to wonderful River Ivalo. Last night will be spent in Köysivaara house, where you can feel the atmosphere of wild nature and spirit of old gold miners and lumberjacks. Ari, the owner of the Köysivaara house tells you about gold mining and living in this part of arctic. A little trekking trip takes us to the wild and to the fells and in the evening we`ll see the Ivalo river from a raft! Meals will be served in traditional Lapland style, made by open fire. Hot sauna is available in the evening and refreshing swimming in the River Ivalo. As a highlight of Finnish midsummer we will visit the Kiilopää where the locals and tourists are gathering to one of the biggest Midnight sun Festivals in whole Lapland. As the crown of our great adventure in Lapland we will raise the glass of sparkling wine on the top of the north-east Lapland under the midnight sun. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 10km trekking / 6 hours)


Day 7: Return, transport to Ivalo airport


Last day starts after tasty breakfast and continues to Ivalo airport. Now it is time to say good bye and thank you! We´ll see hopefully next year in different part of Finland. (breakfast)​


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