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Finnish forests, fells of our area and clean waters are the enablers for the Hikes'n Trails business and activities. More specifically, it means the basis of life for you and me all around the globe. We get our food, we drink from the nature and live in a nature. Our houses stand and roads go in the nature which were unspoiled before.


Syöte National Park is a secret treasure that gives us a possibility to take a moment to admire the surrounding nature whenever we want. Uniquely fresh air, clean lakes, rivers and wild animals welcome us to the forest honoring a miracle that is happening in nature all the time. We all have the right to enjoy nature. If we want to maintain the privilege in the future we must therefore work hard on nature conservation and follow the rules which have been given.

We entrepreneurs at Hikes'n Trails are members of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. We work actively in various animal welfare organizations and support local sustainable development activities. As a contract partner of Finnish Government owned National Parks Finland, Hikes'n Trails is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable tourism.

We operate according to the following principles:

We value and respect nature.

We participate in animal protection. 

We tell our customers about the values ​​of the National Parks, their protection and encourage our guests to act responsibly.

We enable and encourage our customers to act in an environmentally friendly ways.

As a rule, we use ready-made routes and existing service equipment.

We encourage our customers to travel to Syöte National Park using public transport for the lower emissions. Locally, we use a bio-ethanol powered car to transport groups of less than five people. Bio-ethanol is eco-friendly fuel made from local wood raw material or from a bio-waste. Use of bio-ethanol reduces car emissions about 80%. 

We work energy and material efficiently. We encourage our guests to buy souvenirs from our souvenir shop. We work with local and small producers rather than those who produce or bring goods from abroad.

Whenever possible, we buy products and raw materials from local entrepreneurs. We want to support the local economy. Our partners also appreciate nature and sustainable values ​​and act always safely.

We prefer to stay in small, environmentally friendly and local owned cabins or hotels and choose sustainable accommodation.

We like to eat in local restaurants and cafes.  We prefer wild food, vegetarian food, fish from the near lakes and ethically sustainable, locally sourced healthy food.

We sort and recycle our waste: Plastic, metal, paper, carton, glass and food waste.

We use water sparingly in accommodation and public buildings.

We respect the local people, culture and nature. We accept all religions and beliefs. We remember to thank and follow other good practices in our communications. We smile for upcoming hikers and other people.

During our stay in nature, we leave nothing behind but take all the waste with us to our place of departure.


We clean the huts and shelters in nature every time we leave in a slightly better condition than they were when we arrived. At the Syöte Visitor Center we sort all waste.

We maintain our equipment for maximum durability and long life.

We avoid disposable tableware and prefer durable and appropriate cutlery.

We collect feedback to improve customer satisfaction and operations.

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