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Hikes'n Trails arranges sustainable nature activities and photography in Finland and Scandinavian countries. 


We want you to hear the silence, enjoy the peace, and see the most beautiful fell and forest landscapes in Northern Finland, Scandinavian countries, and Greenland.

Our idea is to serve safe and adventurous biking, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and nature photographing tours with principles of sustainability, responsibility, and good service. We hope you learn about the local people, culture, and nature during your stay with us. Let the wilderness wellness inside you!

Nature Photographer


Hikes'n Trails video gallery

Hikes'n Trails - Nature photographing
Hikes´n Trails - Kayaking & Hiking in South Lapland, Finland
Hikes'n Trails Winter holiday in Syöte National Park
Hikesntrails Wild Camping in South Lapland
Kayaking Mefjord Senja
Greenland Kayaking 2017
Kayaking in Hossa, Suomussalmi muncipality, eastern part of Finland
Hikes`n Trails skiing tour at the eastern border of EU


Hikes'n Trails / Taigavire Oy

Mr. Janne Autere & Mrs. Terhi Taikavaara

Tölvästie 9, 93280 Syöte

Pudasjärvi, Finland

Tel. & WhatsApp +358 40 553 5469

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Hikes'n Trails_Syötenationalpark

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