Old Finnish forests, fells, bogs and clean waters are the enablers for the Hikes'n Trails business and activities.

More specifically, nature around you and us means the basis of life all around the globe. We get our food from the nature, we drink water from the nature and live in the nature. Our houses stand and roads go through the nature which was unspoiled before.

Syöte National Park is a secret treasure in South Lapland which gives us a possibility to take a moment to admire the surrounding nature whenever we want. Uniquely fresh air, clean lakes, rivers and wild animals welcome us to the forest honoring a miracle that is happening in nature all the time. We all have the right to enjoy nature, but also a responsibility to take care of it.

If we want to maintain the privilege in the future we must therefore work hard on nature conservation, follow the given rules and improve our operations all the time.