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Unique experiences and warm hospitality

Hospitality, friendly service and caring about the clients are principles that we respect. Our guides and co-operators are well-educated tourism professionals with long experience in serving people.

Safety and sustainability

In 2023, Taigavire Oy / Hikes'n Trails has granted Sustainable Travel Finland label as a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism. We have been working on a sustainable basis for years, and got our first certification in 2021. After that we have been granted the Good Travel Seal environmental certificate from year 2022.

Our guides are NOLS Wilderness First Aid certified professionals. All of our guides have gone through the most demanding nature tour safety education and have completed all the Finnish Outdoor Organization qualifications.

Traveling in smaller groups does not harm the environment very much. We say hello to everyone, we eat local food, we use prepared trails, we conserve natural resources like water and electricity at all accommodations, and minimize noise and waste during the trip. And all this with respect for local cultures, traditions and religion.  

Hikes'n Trails supports the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) is the largest non-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. 

The purpose of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation is to protect the environment, promote nature conservation, preserve cultural heritage and promote active citizenship and environmental awareness.

Explore and enjoy your nature holiday or challenge your group with an adventure education course! 

Enjoy Finnish and Scandinavian nature with us and explore with peace in your heart! All of our holidays can be turned into Adventure Education courses and tailored for every group. Adventure programming can be recreational, educational, developmental, or therapeutic for different purposes and groups.

With warm regards

Janne & Terhi




Founder, Photographer, Adventure & Kayaking Instructor



Co-founder, Wilderness and Nature Guide



Partner, Welfare Manager

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