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Finland's safe and healing nature surrounds us on this kayaking trip in Posio, on Lake Livo, and on Lake Kitka in South Lapland. These lakes are beautiful Nature reserves, rugged, wild, and quiet lakes in South Lapland. There are a lot of beautiful islands with big old forests. That's why it fits perfectly for using the Forest Mind - methods on this trip. Forest Mind is a program of mental skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests. Kayaking itself can be a very intensive, calming, and meditating way of moving forward in healing nature. 

Kitkajärvi is the 14th biggest lake in Finland. It is also the biggest unregulated lake because there are not any power stations in the outflow. A rather big part of the lake is protected in the Natura 2000 protection program. The water in the lake is very clean. The shoreline is mostly unbuilt and there’s a strong sense of wilderness.  Lake Livo, Riviera of Lapland, features open waters, whereas, in the north, the lake is characterized by many islands and narrow inlets in between. The shoreline is a combination of vast sandy beaches, small sandy coves, steep cliffs, and flat bedrock. 

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