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Welcome to enjoy the silence and untouched nature in a peaceful Northern fell and forest area with snowshoes! Snowshoeing in these bright white snow-covered surroundings might be a meditative experience when you find your rhythm to your walking. You can hear only the wind in your ears, snow crunching under your snowshoes, and sometimes snow falling from the trees. 

Have you walked on snow during the blue moment? It is something that you can experience only in the most northern areas of the world. Here in Syöte we have this opportunity. 

On this snowshoeing holiday, you will explore Finland in the region of Southern Lapland. The remote area is absolutely a perfect place to enjoy the peace of nature. Tracks will go in peaceful areas through the snow-white forests up to the hills, along the ridges, and over the frozen lakes.

During this trip, you can also take wonderful photos at one of the most well-known winter photographing areas in Finland! If you have seen beautiful winter landscape photos on the internet, many of the have been photographed here in South Lapland. You will have an opportunity to photograph landscapes, snow-covered trees and forests, frozen bogs and ponds, beautiful fell-top sceneries, and of course, if you are lucky, the magnificent Auroras - Northern lights!

The daily treks of approx. 4 to 6 hours will be walked partly in deep and thick snow. The terrain is variable, with many ups and downs. The difficulty of the tour is moderate. No previous experience in snowshoeing is needed, but good physical condition is desirable.

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