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Join a wonderful landscape photographing workshop in the nature of Southern Lapland! The area is among the most interesting in the Nordic countries due to its versatility. There are four Finnish national parks in the nearby areas, which are all really different in different seasons and have their own specialties.

We offer a nature and landscape photography workshop in two different seasons, so you can choose the time that suits you best! You will meet professional Finnish photographing experts who will show you the best practices for shooting the nordic landscape.

You have a vast selection to shoot during these weeks. In autumn, we photograph old forests and their species, high cliffs, deep canyons, colorful marshland in the morning dew, small ponds and old grey pine trees, misty mornings, delicate sunsets, and wonderfully meandering riverscapes in the morning sun. 

If you've seen pictures of snow-covered trees, the blue moment, the aurora borealis, and wind-shaped snow formations, it may be that they were photographed here, in northern and north-east Finland. 

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