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Wild Pond


During the trip, we will give you examples of mindfulness-style practices and muscle stretching after hiking day. You can experience silence, peace, and the sounds of wind and wildlife more than anything else. A few days in this strong and beautiful nature calms you down, and your blood pressure and stress-level drop. This holiday gives you the opportunity to meet yourself surrounded by healing old forests, fells, and lakes.

  • Place: Syöte National Park, Oulanka National Park and Posio, Lapland

  • Availability: On request 1.6.-30.9.

  • Dates: 13.–20.7., 20.–27.7., 27.7.–3.8., 3.–10.8., 10.–17.8.2024

  • Duration: 8 days, 7 nights

  • Number of participants: Min 6, max 16 persons

  • Price: 1190 €/person in Taigalampi cabin, 1590 €/person in KIDE Hotel

  • Meals: Full board. Breakfast, lunch package, and dinner are included in the price.

  • Accommodation: 1 night in tents, 6 nights in a hotel room or log cabin in twin rooms. 

  • Distance: Total approximately 60 km on varied terrain

  • Price includes: Guide services, accommodation, return transport from Oulu Airport to Syöte, transport between day hiking trails, and above-mentioned meals on the tour.

  • The price doesn’t include flights.

  • Equipment: Participants have their own clothing due to the weather. Please ask for the whole list of equipment after booking.

  • Equipment included in the price: Tent, mattress, sleeping bag, liner

  • By an additional cost:  

  • Supplements: Return transport from Kuusamo Airport

  • Payment: Invoice, cash, credit card

  • Tour level: Intermediate. Participants are required to have good basic fitness. We carry backpacks including day's food every day. Backpack weight is around 10 kg with equipment, food, water, and extra clothing. 

  • Languages: Finnish, English

  • Insurance: We require participants to have their own insurance for outdoor activities in Finland.



Fells, great old untouched forests, lonely paths and slowly running rivers shows us the way in South Lapland nature.


Silence, noises of real wilderness, smells, tastes, birds and animals – this tour is an experience for all your senses.


Peaceful hiking in the quiet nature might be your most exiting experience and in another hand most relaxing week in your life.


Distance is a challenge but we have plenty of time. You do not have to hurry. Take your time and enjoy! Choose your best old boots!


1st day:
Arrive at Oulu Airport or railway station, where your guide is waiting for you. Approximately two hours of transport to Syöte. Meeting with the group and accommodation in twin or bunk bedrooms in the cabin or in the KIDE Hotel rooms. Welcoming dinner, short briefing, the introduction of Syöte National Park, maps, and a program after dinner. Safety issues and discussion about sustainable tourism and how we put it into practice during our trip. Hot sauna and sweet dreams surrounded by peaceful and quiet nature. 

2nd day:
Pytkyn pyrähdys trail, 15 km
Breakfast, hiking on the Pytkyn pyrähdys trail. Eskers created by the Ice Age, old spruce forests, and ponds abundant with fish; that's what the trail is made of. The versatile trail boasts three excellent rest spots and a large variety of natural wonders. Lunch during the hike. Hiking back to the accommodation, dinner, sauna, swimming in the small lake.

3rd day:

Rytivaara trail, 10 km
Breakfast, transport to starting point of the Rytivaara trail, lunch during the hike. This route provides visitors with a versatile look into the nature and history of Syöte National Park. The southwestern portion of the trail lets you walk in the footsteps of Finnish tenant farmers as you can read from the nature boards along the route. Transport back to the accommodation, dinner, sauna, swimming in the small lake.

4th day: 
Soiperoinen, Pyhitys Fell, 10 km
Breakfast, transport to Taivalkoski part of Syöte National Park. Soiperoinen is a pleasant destination an hour's drive away from Syöte. The crystal-clear lakes and the landscape that ranges from pine heaths to high eskers inspire you to take your time and enjoy the scenery in peace. There are rest spots and nice swimming beaches at suitable intervals in the area.

Pyhitys Fell is the highest point of Syöte National Park. Great 45 minutes climb and wonderful views of the big lakes and forests after a 1,5 km hike! On hill slopes, you will see rocks that were used as tables by the Sámi people. Thousands of years ago, they asked for better luck in hunting and fishing by sacrificing some bounty of the forest and the lake to the gods. Transport back to the accommodation, dinner, sauna, swimming in the small lake.

5th day:

Oulanka National Park, Finnish National scenery, 10 km
Breakfast, transport to Taivalkoski, to the culturally important old grocery store with a wonderful variety of local handmade souvenirs. 
Transport by car continues after the visit in Taivalkoski to the starting point of the hiking trail in Oulanka National Park. Oulanka comprises kilometers of river-dominated nature – still backwaters, strong currents, rapids, and rushing waterfalls. The nature park offers great differences in elevation. Primeval geological forces and the tireless have shaped Oulanka’s national scenery, yet slow, transformative power of water. This enjoyable hiking experience includes lunch during the trail. Transport back to the accommodation, dinner, sauna, swimming in the small lake.

6th & 7th day:

Two day's Korouoma canyon camping adventure, 2 x 6 km
Today starts our most fantastic adventure in Posio Lapland! After breakfast, we will pick up the camping gear and head up to the one-night camping experience at Korouoma cliffs!

Korouoma is about 30 kilometers long northwest-southeast valley. It is part of hundreds of millions of years old bedrock fracture zone. 

In the evening at the canyon wilderness shelter area, we spend our next night in tents on the yard. The shelter and tent area is located by the beautiful small river with attractive nature views. Dinner in the evening at the camp. Accommodation in tents. 

Breakfast at the camp. This area is quiet and peaceful and it encourages us to have a short mindfulness-style relaxing exercise in the morning when we climb the Piippukallio rocks. The last day's hike continues up and down on the cliffs until we come to the parking place. Transport back to the accommodation. Maintenance of the camping gear. Fairwell dinner, sauna and swimming in the small lake.

8th day:

Departure day.

After a tasty and nutritious breakfast, transport to Oulu Airport or bus/railway station.

We reserve all the rights to change the itinerary, order of the activities, or the program's content due to the weather or other conditions. 

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