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East Greenland is a photographer's undiscovered paradise. Nearly untouched and raw nature is what makes East Greenland such a unique photo destination. Some of the tour's attractions are remote and far from civilization and light pollution, which fits perfectly for us who would like to admire nature through the lens. 

To get to different destinations, we sail in the fjords with a boat and walk along roads and paths. We will hike to the tops of the fells and to the rivers and lakes. Daily distances are about 1-12 km. You also have to carry your own photography equipment, your daily drinks, and other equipment in your rucksack.

We accommodate the Greenland cabin with all the amenities in two-person rooms. Your guides take care of meals, so you only have enough drinks and snacks in your backpack for the day trips. Sometimes we may take a soup lunch with us. 

We talk and learn a lot, for example about the arctic species, light, photographers' position, equipment, composition, and technical issues of photographing. One of the most valuable activities is to learn new skills from other participants. 

One of the most important parts of the schedule is the showtime for you at the end of the week. In this part, you can introduce your best shots of the workshop and tell your stories from your perspective. 

  • Place: Reykjavik, Iceland & Tasiilaq, East Greenland

  • Accommodation: Twin rooms, in a cabin with all the necessary kitchen and other equipment.

  • Availability: Summer/Autumn

  • Dates: 5.–14.9.2024. Ask for the fixed dates for your group. 

  • Duration: 10 days, 9 nights

  • Number of participants: Min 8, max 12 persons

  • Price: 4190 €

  • Price includes: Airport transfers,  activities due to the program, guidance, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), accommodation in twin rooms, and a shower daily  

  • The price doesn’t include flights.

  • Equipment: Participants have their own camera equipment, tripod, laptop, memory stick, good hiking boots, waterproof clothing, warm underwear, etc. according to the arctic and quickly changing weather. Please ask for the whole list of equipment after booking.

  • Equipment included in the price:  

  • By additional cost: Photographing equipment, binoculars. Clothing set: Water/windproof jacket, trousers, mittens, headwear, boots 140 €/set/person/week. 

  • Supplements: 

  • Payment: Invoice, cash, credit card

  • Tour level: Moderate. Participants are required to have a basic fitness level. Previous experience in outdoor activities is desirable. Maximum walking distance is around 1-12 km in varied terrain in arctic mountain conditions. Altitudes during the treks are between 100 – 600 m. Every participant has to be able to carry their own drinks, snacks, and around 5 kg of personal equipment in partly challenging terrain. 

  • Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish

  • Insurance: We require participants to have their own insurance for outdoor activities in Arctic areas. 



We take you to the most magnificent sceneries in Arctic where you will have the best available guidance and conditions for an unforgettable Photographing experience


During this wonderful holiday, you can experience pure Greenland and Icelandic atmosphere


We'll start photographing early in the morning and continue until the evenings, so you will have enough time for shooting many target species and landscapes in different conditions and lighting.


1st day
Arrive at Reykjavik Airport, where you meet your guide. Transport to accommodation place. Transport time is approximately 0,5 hours.

Program briefing on the first evening. To have a nice and safe photography adventure, we'll have basic information about clothing, accommodation, and safety instructions for the week. Welcoming meal in the dining room and accommodation in rooms in the hotel near Reykjavik. Welcome to enjoy your photographing holiday!

2nd day 
Breakfast in the dining room. Our wonderful photography holiday starts with a day at the Reykjanes Peninsula! We will enjoy three totally different views of this rugged area. 

Hafnaberg is a bird cliff on the southern coast of Reykjanes that stretches 15 km and reaches 40 m in height. During the nesting season (from April to July)

Krísuvíkurbjarg is home to various seabirds, fulmars, kittiwakes, and auks like puffins and guillemots.

Gunnuhver is a powerful fumarole located at the tip of Reykjanes. The steam-rich hot spring takes its name from folklore about Gunna the ghost that was lured into the fumarole.

Fagradalsfjall volcano, which erupted in 2021, is a popular hiking location for a good reason. The new black basalt lava field is still hot and steaming, and the new spatter crater is a stunning sight. There are several hiking paths to choose from, with different lengths and levels of difficulty. Picnic lunch during the day. 

Transport back to the accommodation. Dinner.  accommodation in your rooms

3rd day,  
Breakfast. Flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, Greenland. Transfer by boat from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq. The sea area between Tasiilaq and Kulusuk is the East Greenlandic highway during the summer and autumn months, as the locals travel between the two cities in their boats. On our way, we will pass Icebergs and possibly some Arctic wildlife, such as whales, seals, and different bird species.

We will sail through Sermilik fjord to Tasiilaq town. Sermilik fjord is known for its countless icebergs, drifting through the dark blue sea and soaring glaciers.

The transfer takes about an hour between the two cities, but please note, that the route depends on weather and ice conditions. In Tasiilaq you will be transferred to your accommodation by car. Spend the rest of the day, resting and exploring Tasiilaq on your own. Lunch. Accommodation in two-person rooms in a nice and tidy cabin. Dinner in the evening. 

4th day,

Breakfast. Full-day hiking tour around the village and surroundings, hiking up to Qaqartivakajik/Sømandsfjeldet – the Seamen’s Mountain. This fully-guided combined tour shows you the best of Tasiilaq town down from the streets and from the top of the mountain. We will visit the most interesting attractions in town, and walk out of town for an introduction to the pure East Greenlandic nature. 

The tour in the village includes visits to the local Workshop, where we will stop by and admire the locals creating beautiful handicrafts from animal bones and soapstone. Many locals in Tasiilaq do not speak English, but they are eager to tell us stories about life in Greenland. Down the road from a workshop, we will stop by the museum, which displays many historical tools, artifacts, and local handicrafts. Before heading into nature we will also visit the local supermarket and souvenir shop.

The second part of the combined tour takes us into nature. We will follow a small path leading us to the beautiful backdrop of Tasiilaq, which consist of mountains, hilltops, and lakes. Our destination will be the Seaman’s Fell, a breathtaking sight and the perfect place for landscape photography. The height of the fell is around 700 meters and hiking up to the fell takes about 2-3 hours. Do not forget your headlight. It is probably needed when we walk down from the fell and maybe spend some time photographing the Northern Lights. Lunch during the hike. 

Night visions and Northern lights. Shower, dinner, accommodation. 

5th day,  

Breakfast. Boat trip for Whales / birds / seals and other animals photography. 
The area is home to a lot of wildlife, and if we get lucky we might spot the occasional seal or a whale.  We'll be heading out of the fjord, towards the open sea. Here are the good chances of spotting Humpbacks, Minkes, and enormous Fin whales. If we're extremely lucky we might even see the Orcas!

The humpback whales are wonderful to come across, as they are not as shy as other whales and will often show their white-spotted tail as they dive. As it can grow up to 18 meters it is a big whale, but it is also the most acrobatic of the large whales. The humpback can leap completely out of the water it is a rare and incredible sight for the lucky few!

Many of the whales come here for the large schools of capelin, a small fish similar to herring. These fish provide an excellent food source for both whales and the local people. A local delicacy is to dry them in the sun and eat them whole. 

The orcas, however, are looking for young whale calves that aren't yet strong enough to defend themselves, and there are plenty of seals to come by as well. As we set out in the evening we get to enjoy the colors of the sunset, a wonderful sight, sometimes with incredible colors.

We can never guarantee to see whales but we are in one of the best areas in Greenland to find them.

Shower, dinner, accommodation.

6th day,

Breakfast. Resting day in the cabin or hiking trip to Prästefjeld (Priest's mountain) and Flower valley (approx. 12 km. together) We follow the path, stop when we get to the beautiful landscapes and views, and spend some nice time without any hurry on these wonderful spots. Lunch on the mountainside and hiking back to the camp. Dinner and free time in the evening.

Lunch, dinner, accommodation.

7th day,

Breakfast. Boat trip to Ice Camp. Photographing the area and night in the camp. The camp consists of five simple cabins that each sleep two people. Every single cabin is situated in a way that ensures views of the magnificent icebergs and the striking fjord. Additionally, each cabin is equipped with toilet facilities, power outlets, and of course, two comfortable beds.

The huts have been decorated to conform to Arctic nature — each in a different individual theme. Furthermore, the cabins have been painted in the traditional style of Greenlandic settlements. Moreover, the camp includes a great main house with a dining area and shower facilities. Lunch. During the day and evening, we are hopefully spotting the wonderful and playful Arctic fox near the camp.

Dinner, and accommodation in two-person rooms.

8th day,

Breakfast. Boat trip Tinit settlement and ice fjord. 6-hour boat tour, taking you through the East Greenlandic Icefjord, Sermilik to the beautiful village of Tiniteqilaaq. This tour is perfect for those seeking to explore Greenlandic culture and daily life in one of Greenland's small settlements.

Our tour starts at Ice Camp, from where you will be heading to Ammassalik Island.  We sail through breathtaking landscapes of the countless iceberg and mountains. After an hour of sailing, we will arrive at Tiniteqilaaq. Tiniteqilaaq means “The place that runs dry at low tide”, and is called Tinit by the locals.

From the small settlement, you can see Sermilik Icefjord -  a truly mesmerizing sight, with its icebergs and the Greenland ice sheet blending into the horizon. We will go on land to explore the settlement. Tinit is quite small and has approximately 110 inhabitants. 
After a short settlement walk, we will return to the boat and continue our journey through the fjord. In the fjord, we will stop the boat to get a picnic lunch in the presence of icebergs and hopefully, humpback whales. Transport back to base camp. Dinner. 

9th day

Breakfast. Boat trip, glacier walk & ice cave. The tour starts from the harbor in Tasiilaq. From the harbor, we will sail out through the fjord with the beautiful landscape of mountains surrounding you. Getting to the destination will take around 40 minutes. 

When reaching the land, you will get on shore and be geared up with all the safety equipment you will need for the tour. Throughout the whole tour, you will be guided by a professional, who will show us how to enjoy your day tour safely on the glacier and on the ice.  
First, you will walk on the glacier's surface, observing the structure of the ice and learning how it changes constantly. After a while we will reach a big ice cave, that will take you under the glacier. 

Inside the cave, you can see the structures of thousands of years old ice. We will have enough time inside the cave to photograph when the light beautifully reflects through the thick layer of blue and turquoise ice. 
Boat trip back to base camp in Tasiilaq. Celebration dinner and last night in Greenland. 

10th. day

Breakfast. Transport to Kulusuk. Flight to Reykjavik.

We reserve all the rights to change the activities' order or the program's content due to the weather or other conditions. 

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